NexGen is a group of privately held companies that share common values, vision, and ownership.

Who Are We?

NexGen is a group of privately held companies that share common values, vision, and ownership.

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to create value for our customers, employees, and shareholders- in that order.

What We Do?

Our work is to create customers by creating solutions. It's that simple.

We are always looking
for great partners.

If you are considering us as a potential warehousing/manufacturing partner or employer, we want you to be successful long-term. The odds of a successful partnership go up when you have a better understanding of who we are and what makes us tick. We have found that great things can happen when mutual values are aligned.

We Own It

The backbone of NexGen is a unique structure that is built on a combination of trust, stock ownership, and profit sharing. Our managing partners are owners who, with their teams, share in the financial rewards of their companies.  We place an unprecedented trust in our leadership teams to make big decisions and deliver real results. We encourage failure because we feel it is critical to success.

We Play The Long Game

We create products that are overlooked by larger competitors, and then focus on growing the target market over long periods of time. We do this with superior merchandising, marketing, customer service, and brand awareness. We can afford to take time because often our product life cycle can be twenty years or more.

We Are Asset Light

We partner globally and domestically on a deep level with manufacturing partners who can provide the unique products that we create and deliver to our customers. Our mind-set is win-win. When we find a great partner, we treat that relationship like gold because they are critical to our success. This business model enables us to innovate and scale faster with fewer assets. It also allows us to try new things and fail faster than our competitors. When this approach does not deliver better results, we bring it in-house.

We Embrace Technology

We invest heavily and early in building proprietary technology that can automate processes to free up human capital. This work is often too valuable to be outsourced and is primarily done in-house. Our software development office in Argentina is one example of this.

We Have a Deeper Bench

Because our companies have experienced nothing less than double digit growth consistently for over twenty years, we are able to attract better people. When these better people are promoted from within, it drives results that are more sustainable and durable over longer periods of time. We believe a good leader who gets our culture and values is better than a great leader who does not.

We Care

When we take good care of our employees, they will take good care of our customers.

Big Brands Trust Us

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